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API Innovation Center @ Cortex

A non-profit organization dedicated to enabling the delivery of market-competitive commercial supply of US-made Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


By creating opportunities to bring together strengths of multiple parties – innovators, established
market leaders, subject matter experts – we steward innovations through collaborations and enable the solutions to drive health security. 

API Innovation Center brings the best partners together to solve drug supply chain fragility. We enable a coordinated approach between public entities and private enterprises which has the greatest likelihood of de-risking these challenges and delivering stronger, sustainable solutions faster to address US healthcare security.

Laboratory Scientist


The API Innovation Center @ Cortex is dedicated to delivering the supply of APIs that are deemed essential by the FDA and WHO and those that are frequently
subject to drug shortages, putting American lives at risk.



The API Innovation Center Partners with the Glioblastoma Foundation and Continuity Pharma to Solve the

Lomustine API Supply Crisis

July 25, 2022, by API Innovation

API Innovations, Gov. Parson Signs Bill 3007.jpg

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson participated in a ceremonial bill signing with the API Innovation Center (APIIC) @ Cortex on Thursday for House Bill (HB) 3007.

July 14, 2022, by API Innovation


Cortex launches new innovation center to boost U.S. pharmaceutical supply chain

October 14, 2021 by Nathan Rubbelke

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